Wavemaker: Elle Kaplan, CEO of Lexion Capital Management

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Wavemakers is a joint weekly feature by Femme-O-Nomics’ founder Leah Eichler and Mic Berman() that profiles female innovators — women who are constantly blazing new trails, inspiring others and revolutionizing the status quo.

Elle Kaplan is CEO and founding partner of Lexion Capital Management, the only 100 percent women owned and operated private bank in the United States.You can follow her @.

1. Describe your current state of mind


2. If you could choose what to come back as, what would it be?

Amelia Earhart. Everyone remembers Amelia for her incredible achievements as a female pilot. However, she was also an accomplished author who wrote the book, “The Fun of It.” Additionally, Amelia worked as the Aviation Editor for Cosmopolitan Magazine. She had an incredible outlook and lived by a fearlessly-go-after-your-dreams ethos. One of my favorite Amelia Earhart quotations is “If I should bop off it’ll be doing the thing that I’ve always most wanted to do.”

3. What is your greatest indulgence?

My rescue pets, a dog named Magic and my cat named Max. My pets are a daily reminder to allocate my most precious resource, my time, towards some fun time with my pets.

4. What or who helped you the most to achieve your success?

I’ve had a variety of mentors, both men and women, who’ve been incredibly encouraging. They’ve often had a bigger vision for me than I have had for myself. Ann Kaplan (no relation), one of the first female partners at Goldman Sachs, has always been a great inspiration and sounding board, as well as Maxine Ganer, the founding partner of an extremely successful accounting firm, Ganer, Grossbach and Ganer. She has also had wonderful and inspiring insights and advice.

5. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

The word “no” is just one person’s opinion. Never let that someone’s opinion stop you or alter your dreams.

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